Binegativity and Social Support Study

About the Study: Bisexual individuals encounter bias, subtle forms of aggression, and unjust treatment from those within and outside the LGBTQIA+ community. While binegativity and microaggressions against bisexual individuals are heightened risk factors concerning mental health concerns, perceived social support is a protective factor against such outcomes.

This study tries to answer the following questions among Indian bisexual women:


What is binegativity? How does it impact individuals? How does the experience of Indians differ from the Western or European Populations? What role do microaggressions and social support play? and last but not least, what is their impact on internalized binegativity? These are some of the questions that I discuss in our study proposal presentation. Feel free to reach out on email with questions or ideas! 

BRAC 2023 Binegativity study